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Application with AR modules

As augmented reality blends technology with the real world we will create an immersive and engaging eLearning experience in real time. Based on analysis of personalisation needs of SEN students we will adjust the developed exercises and models to meet the needs of the individual. Using real world exercises with simulated interactive objects that the students will be able to interact with in order to complete tasks and experience success in solving otherwise difficult abstract physical problems. AR activities will give them the ability to manipulate three-dimensional visualizations so that they can view it from every angle. They can even interact with hot spots to learn more about the individual components.

Teachers’ and parents book – printed and online version

The material will support teachers and families in using the educational tool. It will encourage and propose strategies to the teachers to respond to children’s special needs in an inclusive environment, enabling the teachers to respond positively to all children likely to experience educational difficulties – on the individual pupil level and curriculum level. It will provide detailed guidance on how to organize classes and facilitate sessions based on the study material with unit aims, activities proposed and evaluation issues and discussion points.

A student book – Multimedia version

Based on identified barriers that prevent SEN students to take part and learn in relation to the lessons/topics being thought, we will adjust the content and develop a full multimedia version of the standard student book developed in ARphymedes, including full ICT support for accessibility features, implementing multi-sensory approaches enabling visual, tactile and auditory support of the presented content. This will play a vital role by enabling flexible curriculum development and assist students with disabilities to participate as equals in the learning experience (UNESCO, Accessible ICTs… 2011). This way the students will be empowered to „self accommodate“ and learn with their own preferences and settings. This personalisation feature will remove the attitudinal barrier.

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